Diving medicine

Diving medicine, including recreational and commercial diving, involves unique circumstances and hazards such that specialized training and certification is required to perform these medical evaluations. The South African Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Association (SAUHMA) regulates commercial diving certification in South Africa. Dr. Pravetz is a Level II Diving Medical Officer, and is certified by the SAUHMA and Department of Labour to perform medicals for all five (5) classes of commercial divers. Additionally, he is consultant for Diving Training Schools in South Africa. The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) accepts SAUHMA Diving Certificates. Occudocs performs on site fitness assessments throughout Africa. A blank Diving Medical Certificate is available on this website. (CLICK HERE)(FORM 1) Divers wishing to obtain a Diving Medical Certificate should download it and fill- out the first two pages. This completed form should be signed and brought to your initial visit. If you are applying for your first certificate or do not have a recent X-ray report, a chest X-ray is required. An “X-ray Requisition Form” is available for download on this website (CLICK HERE). It should filled-out and brought to any hospital radiology department to get an X-ray. Besides commercial diving, recreational diving has also become a popular activity. It can be beneficial prior to engaging in recreational diving to get an evaluation as to one’s fitness to dive, particularly in the presence of any known medical problem. Many diving schools recommend or require medical clearances before students can begin diving. Occudocs can assist in this matter. Occudocs provide diving medicine consulting services to companies for their worldwide operations up to level 2A Medical support as per European guidelines. They will travel to various countries throughout Africa to assess operational diver fitness.

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