AVIATION MEDICINE Aviation Medical Certificates include 4 classes: Class 1 Commercial pilots (CPL)
Class 2 Student pilots, cabin crew, and Private Pilot Licenses (PPL and Cc)
Class 3 Air Traffic Controllers (ATC)
Class 4 Recreation, Remote (drone), Microlight, Gyrocopters and Gliders
All medical certifications are issued under the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa after an approved Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) completes the examination. Presently, Occudocs performs examinations for Levels 2 and 4, but will facilitate appropriate referrals for Classes 1 and 3. The length of validity for each aviation medical certificate is generally for one year. Depending on many circumstances, these periods can be longer or shorter. Prior to each initial examination, a Chest X-Ray is required. An X-Ray Requisition (CLICK HERE) should be filled out and brought to any hospital for a single view X-Ray. The report should accompany the applicant on their initial appointment. For convenience, Occudocs also offers aviation medical examinations at its office in Epping as well as at its satellite office at Morningstar Airport. Appointments can be made at a time convenient for the examinee. An Application for Medical Certification (CLICK HERE) (FORM 1) should be downloaded from this website prior to each appointment, and accompany the applicant. In additional, all applicants must bring a photo identification to their first visit.

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